3 colorful synthetic wigs you shouldn’t miss

The advantage of synthetic wigs is that they are cheaper than human wigs. More colors and styles to choose from. More suitable for cosplayers or people who want to temporarily change their hairstyle and color. Although synthetic wigs have many dreamy colors, there are three synthetic wig colors that you must not miss.

The first type 1B/27 Ombre wigs.

1B/27 Ombre wigs.

Compared to old colored wigs, dark roots can look seamless, natural, and simply beautiful with almost any facial shape or skin tone. Hair roots have a unique ability to add depth and dimension to your hair, not to mention the eye-catching vitality! 1B/27 Ombre wigs, this two-tone design makes the overall hairstyle more realistic and natural. The #27 color is also more suitable for the upcoming fall and winter.

The second type 1B/grey Ombre wigs.

 1B/grey Ombre wigs.

Grey hair wig is a new trend. If you still think that gray hair is exclusive to the elderly, then you are out of date. Different colors can show different personality traits. People who like gray hair wigs must be brave enough to try new things, be creative, and like change. And most people wearing wigs want their wigs to look natural and as close as possible to real hair. The dark roots help to create this illusion!

The third type of 1B/99J Burgundy Two Tone Hair wig.

1B/99J Burgundy hair

This is the color of a passionate synthetic wig. The darkened root would represent a ‘dark soul’ and this beautiful red color reminded me of blood in an aesthetically way. That wig looks just like “Red Velvet”. Shiny, soft and a little mysterious. Those shades of red are truly mesmerizing. There is a good blend between dark hair roots and royal red.This is a lovely hipster glamorous wig.

If you are interested in the above three wigs, you can find them at coleenwigs.com. There are a wide variety of Coleenwigs wigs, whether you want a lace front wig or a T-part wig, whether you like straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair, you can find it. And coleenwigs always provide high-quality synthetic wigs, which can be used for long periods of time as long as you take care of them. 

Synthetic wigs are also very easy to manage and are not expensive. This is definitely a straightforward investment. Find the most suitable colorful synthetic wig and make yourself more confident and beautiful. Don’t miss every opportunity to be beautiful.

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