3 Easy Hairstyles for body wave Hair

There are many types and many patterns of human hair wigs. In all types of lace wigs, my favorite is body wave hair. I don’t know if you are as obsessed with body wave hair as I am. I think body wave hair looks very elegant, stylish and suitable for many occasions. It doesn’t look too monotonous like straight hair, and it’s not as hard to manage as kinky curly hair. These are looser curls which give a wave pattern rather than tight springy curl. They are usually recommended for fine hair type, as they add body to the hair. 

Below I will share 3 simple body wave hairstyles to make your body wave human hair wigs look more charming.

1.High body wave Ponytail with Messy Hair Wraps

body wave human hair wigs

This is a very, very simple but absolutely beautiful hairstyle! Pull all your waves to the top of your head and secure with a rubber band. Now, use a few strands of hair to wrap around the bottom of the tall ponytail. The hair ends are combed by hand to create a messy aesthetic.

2.Wavy Ponytail with Volumized Top and Brief Side Bang

body wave hair

This low ponytail with delicate waves may seem to look like a boring hairstyle itself. But combine it with the loose puffed up top and that precise side bang, This hairstyle will give you a lazy and beautiful feeling. Walking down the street with a vest or casual clothes will give you a natural beauty without any modifications. you will understand why we fell in love with it easily.

3. Side-Parted body wave hair with Side Bang 

If you have natural body wave hair, you don’t need cumbersome styling techniques to make it look good. This hairstyle is a beautiful existence, you only need Side-Parted your body wave hair with Side Bang. Teased crown, long side bang and curly ends are enough to give it a differently beautiful appearance. This style can be used with wedding dresses, banquets, dances and other occasions. It will give you a strong feminine charm. You don’t need to deliberately perform, you can attract a lot of people’s attention.

These are the three very simple body wave hair hairstyles. Simple but very practical, I hope you can try it. I believe you will love this hairstyle. Because it’s really great. Beauty is a woman’s nature, and you must keep your beauty at all times.

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