4 reasons why you should choose human hair wig

With the development of science and technology, people are increasingly demanding wigs. It is more and more important to choose a wig that suits you. In the wig market, there are also many different types of wigs, the most important of which are two types, human hair wig, and synthetic wigs.

Comparison of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

In addition to the characteristics of the human hair itself, in the comparison between the human hair and the synthetic wig, why do we have to give up the synthetic wig to choose the human hair wig, there are four reasons.


Wigs can be divided into synthetic wigs and human hair wigs according to the material classification. Synthetic wigs are inexpensive but not durable. Real-life wigs can support dying, and the price is high but durable. In addition, synthetic wigs are mostly chemically synthesized from chemical crude fibers.

Their wigs are mostly doped with animal hair and chemical coarse fibers. It is conceivable that its naturalness is not as good as that of real hair. The human hair wig is usually hand-woven from 100% human hair. It can be perfectly blended with your hair, which is natural and comfortable during your use.

a woman who choose human hair wig.


As is well known, synthetic wigs are inexpensive and easy to manufacture, and the selling price is generally low, and the quality of raw materials for real people is high, and the production is inconvenient and difficult to obtain. Therefore, the selling price is generally higher.

However, as long as the human hair wig is well preserved, its durability is strong, and the general use time is about one year. while the life span of the synthetic wig is generally only two to three months. The cost performance of a human hair wig is much higher than that of a synthetic wig.

Use occasion

A human hair wig is suitable for use in daily life, so its shape is generally every day and suitable for everyday wear. However, synthetic wigs are generally worn for temporary use on a particular occasion and are not commonly used, for example, superstars or fashion stylists. If you choose the wig’s starting point for temporary use and will not be used frequently, then it is recommended that you choose a synthetic wig.

Wig color aspect

As we all know, another advantage of synthetic wigs is that the wigs are numerous, colorful, and varied. Dazzling, yellow, gold, blue, purple, gray, etc. Only the color you can’t think of, there is no color that it can’t.

In contrast, the color of a human hair wig is relatively rare, only a few common colors, but this colorful hair wig is suitable for everyday use. Imagine, would you go out with colorful hair outside? You can be regarded as a “behavioral artist” to a large extent by colorful hair. Nowadays, you can choose wear a colorful hair wig that can make you feel normally in the crowd.

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