4 Things Not to Do When Deep Conditioning

Everyone knows the importance of deep condition for human hair wigs. Wigs can make us more beautiful and confident, and deep condition can make human hair wigs more beautiful. There are a ton of different types of deep conditioners, and there are a ton of different types of curly hair. It’s definitely possible to deep condition in a way that is “wrong” — or, at least, that doesn’t maximize the potential benefits of deep conditioning. Here are some of the mistakes you might make on deep conditioners. You can make a reference.

1.You’re using the wrong product for your hair type.

You already know your curly hair type, right? If your hair is looser and thinner, such as body wave wigs, you should use a lighter deep conditioner. Conversely, if you have a tighter volume, such as curly hair wigs, a heavier deep conditioner may be more effective for your curly hair. And every deep conditioner nourishes your hair in a specific way, so you need to figure out what your hair likes to find the conditioner that works best for you. For example, most deep conditioners can be divided into two categories: protein conditioners and moisturizing conditioners. These deep conditioners do not need to be used frequently because they are too high in protein, but they are an important part of damaged curls. On the other hand, deep moisturizing conditioners have a strong protective effect on the hair, so they are very useful for combating dryness and keeping your hair healthy. 

2. You don’t have enough deep condition for your wigs.

Deep condition is conducted on a regular basis, rather than for a long time each time. Whether Straight hair wigs or curly hair wigs, weekly deep hair care is appropriate – not so often that it weighs down your hair, but often enough to replenish your hair and avoid damage.

3. You use deep conditioner before shampooing.

Always apply deep conditioner after you shampoo, not before. Shampoo cleanses and (in some cases) strips the hair of moisture, so it basically undoes all of the moisturizing power of the deep conditioner. On the other hand, deep conditioner restores moisture and rebalances your hair after shampooing.

4.Use too much or too little conditioner.

Use too little hair conditioner, can’t play a real role in nursing. Using too much conditioner can put a burden on your hair. The right amount can be used for the best effect. Apply the deep conditioner generously so that each and every strand is coated with product.  Pay attention to your hair tips because they are usually the most vulnerable and most vulnerable parts of your hair. 

Keeping in mind these four things will definitely make your human hair wigs last longer and stay in good shape.

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