5 Tips For Using a Hair Straightener

Straight hair is a classic but timeless hairstyle, simple and beautiful. Some of them are born with straight hair or have chosen straight hair wigs from the beginning. But some people are originally curly, but would like to try a different style. There is a wide variety of hair straightening options that are offered today. You can get your hair straightened in hair salons, but if you can’t afford paying a visit to the hair salon on a regular basis,you can opt to style your hair on your own. 

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With these straightening tools, it’s very easy to shape and straighten your hair. It also saves money for people who often change their hairstyles. But if you use these heating tools at home, be careful not to damage your hair or wigs. Here are some friendly tips, I hope to help you.

1.Find a type that suits you

When using a hair straightener, be sure to use a straightener that fits your hair type. Remember, each hair style has a recommended hair straightener. Normally, people with longer hair should use heavy hair straighteners, and those with thicker hair should use higher temperature hair straighteners.

2.Check the heat distribution, attention temperature.

Although our hair and human hair wigs are resistant to high temperatures, often using overheated heating tools can also cause damage to the hair. So we need pay attention to the temperature, the temperature should not exceed 150℃ when using the straightener on the human hair wig. And when using a hair straightener, be sure to check the distribution of heat along the entire length of the tool. Note that some hair irons have uneven temperatures on its plates. This is especially common with hair straighteners with metal plates. The use of uneven heat will only result to improperly straightened, if not totally damaged hair.

3.Dry your hair before using the hair straightener

Make sure your hair is dry before using the hair straightener. Remember, water and electricity don’t work well together.

4.Don’t use your hair straightener every day.

Remember, your hair needs to maintain natural moisture. If you use your hair straightener every day, it can shape your hair, but it will also damage it. Excessive or prolonged heat is concentrated on the hair, which only makes the hair dry, and the dry hair looks dark and messy.

5.Deep care of the hair

Remember to take care of your hair every time you use the hair straightener. Regular deep care of your hair will ensure that your hair has sufficient moisture that keeps your hair in good shape.

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