6 Tips in Keeping Hair Healthy While Wearing a Wig

Want to change your appearance overnight? Does having beautiful hair boost your confidence? There’s an easy way, wearing a human hair wig! Wigs have become a no-fuss solution that can transform anyone’s looks and boost confidence levels in an instant.


Nowadays, wearing a human hair wig is becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to change your hairstyles without spending time and money in the salon. From celebrities who want to play special roles to ordinary people who use wigs to boost their confidence because of hair loss. While wigs are a great versatile option, it’s still important to know how to prevent damage when wearing them.

  1. Wearing a wig cap. It acts as a protective layer between the wig and the natural hair, reducing friction and tangles. It can also absorb any hot sweat that may occur. Wig caps are cheap, but they are more comfortable and safer to wear, especially if your scalp is sensitive.
  • Massage the scalp. When wearing a wig, the scalp receives less blood flow because it is usually tightly attached to the head. Massage the scalp to promote blood circulation. This is especially true for those who wear wigs and wait for their hair to regenerate.
  • Washing your natural hair regularly is a necessary step. There are many materials of human hair wigs, short hair wigs, blonde wigs, curly wigs, Bob wigs, long hair wigs, straight hair wigs and so on. No matter what texture you choose, wearing a wig for long periods of time can leave your scalp feeling fluffy and sweaty, your own hair and scalp will greasy and dirty. What’s more, leaving your hair unwashed can lead to clogged pores and bacterial growth that can damage your hair. So washing your hair often is very important.
  • When braiding you hair, it’s best to have all of it braided under your wig. But make sure the braids aren’t too tight. It will weaken your natural hair if too tight. This can start to damage your hair.
  • Don’t wear wigs too often. It’s important to let your hair breathe from time to time. Avoiding this condition usually results in breakage. Sometimes give your hair a break from wearing a wig.
  • Take off your wig before you go to bed. This is very important! Many people think they can wear the human hair wigs even when they are asleep. Some wigs are high quality, so they can withstand a bit of rough use, but sleeping with a wig may damage the product in the long run. Constant friction while sleeping can tear the base of pieces. In addition, if the wig is worn the wrong way or too tightly, it can damage the original hair when move, leading to hair loss and damage.

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