A story of hair bundle

In a person’s life, there will always be memories that will make him unforgettable. These memories come from love, from parents, or from friends. Always, they are the most precious memories.

I have a good friend and we grew up together. When we were six years old, we met. We spent the primary school, the middle school, and the high school together until we were adults. We stayed together all the time. This is a good fate between friends.

hair bundle

Not long ago, she sent me a hair bundle, the best quality virgin human hair bundle made with 100% human hair.

This made me very moved. I am a person who likes long hair very much, but for a variety of reasons, my hair has always been short. Every time I go out shopping with her, I will admire them with those who have long hair fluttering or who have big wavy hair. At this time, I will hold her arm tightly and show her envy to her. Every time she sees my eyes envious of those with long hair.

Then pretending to disdain me, but never thought, just a few days before my birthday, she suddenly sent me a human hair bundle, let me use it to send and receive. She knew that this was the happiest thing for me, and she did it.

She chose a straight hair bundle for me. In order to help me choose a suitable hair bundle, she really did some research. She found that synthetic hair bundles are very unnatural and unrealistic to use, and human hair bundles are different. It looks very textured and real.

In order to get a better result, she also asked some professional hairstylists. The hairstylist suggested that she choose a hair that was similar to my original hair or matched, so she chose the straight hair bundle for me. And stay with me to pick up. (Her work is very busy, which makes me very moved)

We went to the hairstylist together and asked the hairstylist to send and receive for me. This is a professional job, we can’t do it ourselves.

The hairstylist trimmed the hairstyle and trimmed the straight hair bundle so that it looked better and more layered when it was delivered. At this time, my friends and I talked about a lot of things, as if we haven’t grown up yet, we are still in school, as if we have returned to the youth of our year.

Happy time is always short. After two hours, the work of receiving the hair has been completed. We are very satisfied with this effect. I can finally be a person with long hair. It looks good and natural, just like the hair that really grows from my own scalp. Later, my friend told me that she was the human hair bundle chosen for me from ruiyu hair. I am really satisfied. I decided to buy such quality products for others in the future.

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