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Nowadays, many people have started to use wigs, but how the wigs are made, and what is the difference between each type of wig, but few people know. As you probably know, a wig can be made using either natural hair or synthetic fibres. The human hair wig is made from 100% human hair. Real hair has a texture and luminosity; its own unique colour, a unique movement; it is softer than manufactured fibres; and can be styled in any way you want. Next, let’s take a look at how human hair wigs are made, and what is the difference between each type of human hair wig?

wig production

Making a high quality human hair wig is a complicated process. From the procurement of raw materials, the processing of hair to the final packaging of products, accurate quality standards must be observed at every stage of production.

During the collection phase the hair must first be tied into braids or queues to maintain the same root to tip direction (and so also maintaining the cuticles in the same direction). We then cut the braids or queues. The hair collected in this way is the best raw material for making human hair wigs. We call it Remy-hair. This kind of hair only needs to be cleaned and disinfected, and you can start making wigs. 

Some of the hair that has fallen off naturally is also collected and made into human wigs, which are made from a complex process. The hair is bleached, then dyed, and finally softened with a chemical solution. That’s why you bought a human hair wig, but it can’t be dyed. Maybe it is not a high quality wig.

After the raw materials are processed, the creation of the wig model begins. Use high quality, hypoallergenic, mild skin materials. The cap must be lightweight, have some resistance and a certain degree of elasticity. The cap is sized to fit the average size of most needs. Determine the thickness of each model under the wig expert’s assessment. The wig must look natural and comfortable to wear.  

In most natural wigs hair are tied onto the cap. During this process we can give a precise direction to the hair, creating the wigs unique style. Being natural hair these can be blow dried to create movement and get the desired look.

Looking at the production process of the wig, do you have a deeper understanding of your wig? In any case, you only need to remember that you should pick a high-quality wig when choosing a human hair wig.

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