Achieving A Natural Look With Full Lace Wigs

When considering buying a new wig, full lace wig is an option that buyers should consider. By wearing these wigs, one notices that the delicate lace material and the hair tied to the lace make the full lace wig more durable. Whether the need to wear a wig is due to a serious medical condition of hair loss or if you buy a wig as a fashion accessory, a full lace wig is the best choice. These wigs even help natural hair grow.

hand tied wigs

When deciding which type of full lace wig to buy, the most important thing to consider is the type of material used in the design. These wigs are usually made from human or synthetic hair. However, many women prefer to wear human hair because it is very similar to natural hair. It has a natural feel and real hair look that most women find attractive. In addition, it makes women more confident than wearing wigs made of synthetic hair. Wigs made from human hair are easier to maintain, including cleaning, styling and perming.

As we all know, the full lace wigs are 100% hand tied wigs, which mean the wigs are much more lightweight compare to other types wigs. It is not sultry even in summer. And whole wig cap area is lace, it can be parted anywhere, which means there is no limited of the hairstyles. Therefore, you can imitate the current fashion trend, or you can give yourself a smooth and natural look. No matter what you want to look like, these wigs will get you there.

Although the cap material may be more delicate than other styles, the full lace wig is durable. With proper care, you can make your wig look fresh for one year. Many people who wear full lace wigs will say that they are more likely to stick to baldness than other types. Although the wig was not designed for those who have lost their hair, one advantage of the style is that when worn on a bald head, it sticks in place.

About the full lace wig care tips, wigs and real hair should be treated the same way: cleaning. Just soak the wig into warm water, wash gently and don’t twist. You don’t need to clean your wig as often. Leave it to dry in a cool, dry place before using or storing it. After cleaning, comb your wig hair with wide-toothed comb or just use your fingers to run it. Keep in mind to deep condition your full lace wig weekly to restore its silk and shine.

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