Are Full Lace Wigs Really Undetectable?

Full lace wig is the most comfortable and natural of all human hair wigs, and of course the most expensive one. The design of the full lace wigs makes it easy for you to wear them and will not be discovered. This type of wig consists of mesh lace with a secure and comfortable attachment on the front, back and sides of the head.

human hair full lace wig

The hair of the full lace wig is hand-woven on the lace, the lace used to make the wig is very thin and invisible, it is almost impossible to find the original scalp from the lace. And because of the use a lot of lace, it breathability is very good, No other human hair wigs can compare the breathability of the full lace wig. Parting and styling make it easier to enhance the natural appearance of the wig. The braiding of the hair is so tight that you can easily make the partition very similar to the natural hairline. 

In fact, if you want to make the full lace wig undetectable, there are other factors in addition to the wig itself. 

First choose the color of the lace that is similar to your skin color. If your skin color is darker and you choose a light-colored lace, no matter how natural the full lace wig is, it will still be discovered. Choose the color of the lace that is similar to your skin color, the wig will be better for you.

Second, choose the right wig size. The wig cap is just right for your head to fill the size, and it looks very natural. This is the same reason as choosing the color of lace. 

Third, choose the color of the hair. Usually the color of our own hair is not pure black, it may be caused by light or eating habits. So we look natural for full lace wigs, try to choose natural black wigs or dark brown wig.

In fact, everyone uses human hair lace wigs for different reasons. If you are just for fashion, then you can choose some hairstyles that you haven’t tried before, and you shouldn’t just look natural. 

Full lace wig is becoming more and more popular, anyone can wear it easily and easily, because they can perfectly match your skin tone and hair, you can adjust the hair style according to your daily needs and mood. If the economy allows, choose full lace wig, it will definitely give you a very comfortable wig experience.

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