Are You a Beginner For Lace Wigs?

Seeing that more and more people are using human lace wig, are you also interested? Do you want to join the family? I can understand you very well. When I started to understand the wig, I was so anxious to quickly change my style through wigs and turn myself into a fashionable fashion girl. But take you time , your have to understanding of the basics of some wigs can prevent your money from being wasted. First of all, what is human hair wig, what are the types of wigs, and what should be paid attention to when choosing wigs.

First of all, what is human hair wig, what are the types of wigs, and what should be paid attention to when choosing wigs.

Human hair wig is a wig made with human hair hand tied to a lace base. Human hair wig have been worn by celebrities for years but are recently becoming known to the general public.

Now the main types of wigs are: lace font wig, 360 lace wig, full lace wig, bob lace wig. My favorite is curly bob wig. I have been a long hair since I was very young, and I have never had the courage cut my hair off. So I bought a short curly Bob wig, it’s like the picture below, but the model is much better looking than me which fulfilled my long-cherished wish and made me know that I really didn’t fit short hair.

When you buy human hair wig, you will find that he has some options, first of all, the length of the hair that is the easiest to understand option. If you want a short hair style, you can choose a 10 inch short lace wig, if you want For a long hair style, you can choose a human hair wig of 20 inches or more. The second option is hair type, which is generally divided into four countries: Brazilian human hair, Peruvian human hair, Malaysian human hair, Indian human hair. Peruvian hair is more soft than Brazilian hair , Malaysian and Indian hair soft is between them。

You can choose according to your preferences. The last one is hair density, usually lace wig has 130% density and 150% human hair. The higher the density, the more plump the hair looks. If you feel that 150% density lace wig still can’t meet your requirements, you can choose to customize 180% density 360 wig. The size of the cap can also be customized. If there is no special requirement for the wig, the average size is about 22.5 inch. Before buying lace wig, you must first measure the head circumference. If your head is small, you can customize a small hat first. Make sure that the size of the lace wig is appropriate so that you can create a natural look.

But after you have figured out these problems, you can safely buy the lace wig you want. I hope that you can gain more confidence through a good-looking wig.

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