Can Wearing a Wig Cause Scalp Pain

If you are the first to contact a wig, what is your biggest concern? The price of the wig, the type of wig, the method of using the wig, or the service life of the wig? One of the first questions I got when I started wearing a lace wig was about my comfort level. Did it hurt, was it pulling at my natural hairline, and yet again, was it painful to wear a wig. Later, I did some research on human hair wigs. I found that if you didn’t pick the right wig or you didn’t take the right steps, you would feel uncomfortable. 

Can Wearing a Wig Cause Scalp Pain

Below I list the two most common causes of scalp pain in wigs, but there are several that may not cause pain, but may be a cause of discomfort.

First of all being not wearing a wig that breathes. Many wigs advertise that they fit tight, so to look more natural, but this is terrible for scalps. One of the biggest culprits in turns of wig pain is wearing an ill fitting wig. So when choosing a wig, be sure to pick a wig cap that fits your head size and pick some wigs that are breathable, such as the full lace wigs. This way your scalp will not be too hot or sweaty, causing grease to build up.

The other common contributing factor is the use of adhesives on hairlines. Though we all want our wigs to stay in place, using glue on your hairline improperly can cause pain and discomfort and may even damage your hairline. When choosing a wig, we can choose some high-quality gluless lace wigs. Ruiyu hair always provides high-quality glueless lace wigs. Glueless lace wigs are very convenient to wear, you don’t need any tools, you can get a perfect hairstyle in just a few minutes. It also means that you can easily take off your wig, like any other clothes or accessories. You should take off your wig at the end of the day. Your skin and scalp will feel tired, and the pain you feel may be just exhaustion.

Although these are not the only reasons, they are the most common. Anyway, if you feel any form of wig pain, take it off and give your scalp a breath of space. Choose the right wig and wear the wig correctly, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the human hair wig without any pain.

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