Can you brush a curly synthetic wig

I like curly hair wigs, from tight rolls to fluffy big rolls, you can definitely express your point with curly hair wigs. However, many people say that curly hair wigs are difficult to take care of, and curly hair are easy to tangle. So one question I always wanted to know is, can I brush my curly hair wigs?

Can you brush a curly synthetic wig

The answer to this question depends on the type of curly hair wig you have. If your curly hair is body wave wigs, then you can use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb from the end to the root.

But if you curly hair is deep wave hair or water wave hair, You’d better not comb with a comb, you just need to gently comb with your fingers. Otherwise combing your curly hair may permanently damage and change your hair style.

In order to keep your curly hair wigs in perfect shape, we have provided some tips for nursing wigs, which can effectively extend the life of your curly hair wigs.

1. Only use wig sprays for synthetic hair wigs, not human hair wigs.

2. Detangle by using your fingers to separate the curls (Do not brush).

3. Always store wig on wig head to allow curls to stay intact. (Never sleep with curly hair wigs, excessive friction causes severe hair tangle problems.)

4. Regularly clean your curly hair wigs, which will help maintain the style and shine of the wig. However, it is not recommended to wash your synthetic hair wigs frequently. It is best to use cold water or warm water when washing synthetic wigs. Do not use hot water.

5. Avoid using heating tools. Heat will damage synthetic fibers and can melt or burn them, ruining the wig. But now there are some heat-friendly synthetic wigs that can use the heating tool properly, so be sure to look carefully at the wig’s label before purchasing a synthetic wig.

6. Only use styling and washing products designed for use with wigs. Never use products designed for human hair. 

7. A wig spray or wig mousse is a great tool for holding your style. Work mousse through dry, smooth styles and lightly brush for soft hold. For curly styles, apply mousse to hands and lightly scrunch the style.

As long as you follow the above guidelines for the care of curly hair wigs, your wig will be used for a longer period of time and will always maintain its style. I wish you a happy synthetic curly wig experience.

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