Care points of your human hair bundle

Like the best lace wigs, your human hair bundle is also a wig and naturally needs to be cleaned and protected. If you can properly maintain it, it will last a long time, even if you have used it for a long time, it looks bright and supple, just like the new one. But if you can’t protect it properly, it may soon become dry and yellow, like the leaves of autumn frost.

But don’t worry too much, the care of the human hair bundle is still very simple, as long as you have enough patience, you can do it. But you should pay attention to the main points of these care:

Care points of your human hair bundle

When combing the human hair bundle, use a wig-specific comb to comb the wig (with a steel tooth comb). Please note that if your hair is a curly hair bundle, except for the bangs and the top of the head, there are other curls. The best place is to straighten out by hand, not to use a comb.

Place the human hair bundle in cold water for 5-10 minutes. The time should not be too long. If it is too long, the hair will fall off easily.

First, put the bubbled fake on the wig-specific bracket, then change the basin with water, then use the wig-specific washing liquid to mix it in the clear water. Remember to never wash it with force. Just grab it with your hand. Hair can be.

After washing, change a pot of water, wash it with clean water, then use a wig-specific care solution to soak it.

Place the washed wig on the wig-specific bracket and dry the water on the wig with a dry towel (2-3 pieces).

After the towel has been drained, wait for it to dry on the shelf. It should be placed in a cool place to dry naturally, not in the sun.

When the wig is dried to 90%, gently grasp the hair with your hand, and then comb the human hair bundle with a wig-specific comb.

For wigs that have already been washed, if you don’t need to wear them regularly, you should spray a little oil.

When the wig is completely air-dried, cover the washed wig with a hairnet, put it into a sealable plastic bag with good air permeability, and store it in a relatively dry place.

You can buy the highest quality human hair bundle–the virgin human hair bundle in Mslynn hair, but it can’t help you with any care, you can only rely on yourself to solve it. Don’t worry too much, the high-quality human hair bundle is not so fragile, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting it, not to worry that it can’t be repaired. As long as you take care of it with patience, it will allow you to use it for a long time.

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