How to Bond a Lace Wig

The wig was once considered the only option for the hair loss patient, but now it has become a fashion statement. Nowadays, wearing a wig is as common as wearing a beautiful dress. Many people regard wigs as their daily necessities. Among the many wig types, lace wigs are the most popular human hair wigs. Recently, laceContinue reading “How to Bond a Lace Wig”

Wigs, turbans or bald

Whenever I wash my hair, I will feel panic when facing the hair in the floor and in the wash basin. Is this already starting to lose hair? What should I do? In fact, I know very well that hair loss is nothing more than three choices. Use human hair wigs to quickly solve your hair lossContinue reading “Wigs, turbans or bald”

Reasons why hair bundles may not be for you

If you are not satisfied with your hairstyle, feel that your hair is not full enough, or that the length of your hair is not the length you want, then you can get the perfect hair style with just a few human hair bundles. If you want to change a completely different style quickly, then youContinue reading “Reasons why hair bundles may not be for you”

Top Hair Care Tips for Rainy Days

Autumn is a rainy season, and rain will not only affect your mood; it will also cause damage to your hair. No matter how much you take care of your human hair wigs, you will always find it difficult managing them during monsoon season. Life is to be brave to challenge, It’s time we rise to the challengeContinue reading “Top Hair Care Tips for Rainy Days”

What is the impact of wearing a wig on life

Many people have already started using wigs. Some people want to keep a perfect hair style. Some people are trying to solve their hair loss problems. Some people wear human hair wigs for work. Some people wear wigs are hobbies. For these people, what effect does wearing a wig have on their lives?  1. Wearing a wigContinue reading “What is the impact of wearing a wig on life”

Can Wearing a Wig Cause Scalp Pain

If you are the first to contact a wig, what is your biggest concern? The price of the wig, the type of wig, the method of using the wig, or the service life of the wig? One of the first questions I got when I started wearing a lace wig was about my comfort level. Did itContinue reading “Can Wearing a Wig Cause Scalp Pain”

How to add hair to full lace wig

No one can resist the temptation of beauty. Seeing that everyone is getting more and more beautiful because of wearing a human hair wig, you will also want to buy a wig and try it. The full lace wig has a natural appraise, and most w omen like to choose a full lace wig. One full laceContinue reading “How to add hair to full lace wig”

Can you brush a curly synthetic wig

I like curly hair wigs, from tight rolls to fluffy big rolls, you can definitely express your point with curly hair wigs. However, many people say that curly hair wigs are difficult to take care of, and curly hair are easy to tangle. So one question I always wanted to know is, can I brush my curlyContinue reading “Can you brush a curly synthetic wig”

5 Ways To Extend Your Wig Life

Lace wigs are lightweight, comfortable and give you the perfect look. Many people started using wigs, so you bought a new wig and are ready to start a big change. We all know that the life span of a human hair lace wig is very long. If you are well maintained, he can use it for six monthsContinue reading “5 Ways To Extend Your Wig Life”

8 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo

We use shampoo to clean our hair or our wigs almost every day, but why some hair becomes more beautiful after washing, and some people’s lace wigs lose their luster after washing. The shampoo is as normal as using soap or shower gel. We didn’t really think about why it was used when we used it, andContinue reading “8 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo”