Common questions about wigs

With the progress and development of the times, wigs have become our daily needs. Many people start to use wigs, many people become wig lovers, they buy wigs for different reasons. But they all have the same doubts before buying. This blog posts some of the issues people mentioned when they first came into contact with the wig, not comprehensive enough, but hope to help you.  

Common questions about wigs

Of course, the first question that was asked was definitely the choice of synthetic hair wigs or human hair wigs. First of all, we need to know that the human hair is made of 100% real human hair , very natural and comfortable,
it can be heated and shaped, and can be used in a variety of shapes, and has a long service life. Synthetic wigs are very similar in appearance to human wigs. Although artificial wigs are not so durable, they can’t be heated, but they are cheaper than human hair wigs. You can compare and choose according to your actual needs. 

Next, one of the most common questions I have heard is how long my wig can last.  In fact, this is related to your care. If your take good care your lace front wigs, you can use it for half a year to a year. Synthetic hair can be used for 3-6 months. 

Then, you will definitely ask, how to care for my wig. If you wear it every day, your wig should be cleaned once a week. If you don’t wear it often, wash it every 7-10 times. Always use shampoo and hair care products recommended by wig experts. Regular deep conditioner your wigs. Do not use a hair dryer, do not sleep with a wig. 

Finally,the question that will definitely be mentioned is what should be noted before buying and what type is right for me. In fact, you only need to pay attention to the size of the wig before purchasing the wig. The more suitable you are, the more natural it looks. Usually the size of the hair cap is 22.5 inches. If your head circumference is small, you must make a small cap. 
And choosing a wig is a must to choose according to your face shap. Some face shapes are suitable for curly hair, so you can choose water wave wig and deep wave human hair wig. Some face types are suitable for short hair, just choose Bob wig. You can search online for what type of hairstyle is suitable for your face, and buy a wig. Wigs are used to increase our beauty, so be sure to choose the type that suits you.

In fact, there are still very many questions that are not mentioned. If there is any problem that you want to know about you, you can leave a comment and we will answer you the first time.

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