Correct wearing method of human hair wig

Wigs has become more and more popular in the market. Nowadays, the wigs satisfy the crowd not only the hair loss but also many young and beautiful girls who like to use their various wigs to change their hairstyles to express themselves. All aspects of beauty.

But inevitably, there are still many people who don’t know how to wear the wig, what is the correct way to wear the wig. Especially a human hair wig. Below we will give you a detailed introduction to the way wigs are worn.

wearing method of human hair wig

When choosing a wig, we must first pick a wig that is the same size as the wearer’s head. A small wig has a pressure on the scalp that affects the blood circulation in the scalp. A large wig gives a wig. With a very unsafe feeling, always worry about when to fall.

Then, based on the selection of a suitable type of wig, and then according to the width of the forehead, wear it in the appropriate position. Relatively wide people, the court is long, wear the wig edge slightly downwards, and then with a certain amount of human hair bundle and closure to set off; while the relatively narrow person, the court is shorter, when worn The edge of the wig should be slightly raised upwards, leaving a small number of curtains to set off.

How to bring a wig

The first step is to first clean up your wrapped hair and then fix it with a clip.

The second step, then take the wig in the order from front to back, first use the forehead to hold the front end of the wig, then use both hands to pull the hair which is made of 100% human hair, and finally cover all of them. s hair.

The third step is to sort out the broken hair that is exposed to the outside, check it, and distribute the broken pieces that are exposed outside.

The fourth step, before and after the left and right to adjust the position of the wig, especially pay attention to the proper position of the ear, and then comb the wig with a comb.

The fifth step is to grab the hair by hand and mess with the hairstyle, which can look more natural.

Mastering the right way to wear human hair wig, you can make your human hair wig glow with its normal brilliance, making the wig look more harmonious, more realistic and natural.

I believe that through the above explanation, you have understood and mastered the correct wearing method of human hair wig, I hope you can use the wig to give your unique light.

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