Factors that influence people’s choice of human hair wig

With the advancement of science and technology and living standards, more and more people are paying attention to wigs. They use wigs to cover up the facts of hair loss or use wigs to replace the hair dyeing process of their hair. In the rapid development of the wig industry, two different types of wigs have emerged, namely synthetic wigs and human hair wig.

Some people tend to choose synthetic wigs, while others tend to choose human hair wig. But the price of human hair wig is much higher than that of synthetic wigs. So, why are some people willing to choose human hair wig instead of synthetic wigs? What is the reason that affects their choice of human hair wig?

a women who choose human hair wig

First of all, it is the problem of comfort:

As we all know, the human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, without adding any chemical fiber and animal hair, it can guarantee the quality of raw materials. Its raw material is real human hair and has not been damaged by any dyeing, good hair quality, and has a healthy texture and luster. And without any chemical synthesis reaction, it is comfortable and real to wear.

Again, it’s about authenticity:

Human hair wig’s raw material is 100% real human hair, which can be perfectly blended with your own hair, even if it is now illuminated by the sun. However, synthetic wigs can’t do this. Under the sun’s illumination, synthetic wigs are made of chemically crude fibers by chemical reaction, so there is a false plastic feeling under the sun’s illumination, especially in the case of The difference is especially noticeable when comparing real people.

There is also one of the highest quality human hair wig, which is the virgin human hair wig. It does not have any pickling, it also retains the intact stratum corneum, and the stratum corneum faces in the same direction, which is better in use…

Then, is its functional problem:

As we all know, human hair wig has a feature that synthetic wigs do not have, that is, it can support hair dyeing. Many times, we need to change the hairstyle according to the actual situation. If you use human hair wig, you can design it into any hairstyle according to your needs, but you need to strengthen the hair care after dyeing.

Finally, it is the problem of service life.

People who know about human hair wigs and synthetic wigs know that synthetic wigs have a very short life span, and even if they are properly taken care of, they can only be used for three to four months, but human hair wig is different, if you can properly Take care of it and carefully store it, then it can be used for a year or so.

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