Hair Density vs Hair Thickness

A lot of people look at big curly hair and think, “wow, your hair is so thick,” or “wow, so much hair!” Actually big hair doesn’t mean more hair, and more hair doesn’t mean thick hair. The density and thickness of your hair are not the same thing, but they do make up the outline of your hair. Learn how to tell the difference to really understand what’s going on with your hair.

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What is Hair Density?

Simply put, hair density refers to the amount of strands on your head. The more strands you have, the higher your density, The fewer strands you have, the lower your density. When it comes to testing hair density, there are two ways. One is count the hair, but a fun fact, the average person has approximately 2,200 strands of hair per square inch on their head. Still, this is so much work and you may not have the time let alone the fact that you will lose count in the process. The other one is do the scalp test. If you can easily see your scalp without parting or sectioning, then you may have low-density hair. If only a few places can see part of your scalp, you’re probably in the middle of the spectrum, and if you can’t see it at all, then you have higher denstiy hair.

For example, the 130% density wig, classify it into low density lace front wig. You can use the curly wigs or wavy wigs, it will instantly add volume and weight to your hairstyle. Normally, the 150 density belongs to medium density. The hairstyle is more selective, just depends on your preference. However, distinct layers give dense hair an illusion of lightness, like the 180 &250 high denstiy lace front wigs. The front is longer and the back is shorter, this kind of hairstyle will keep your wig from looking too boxy.

What is Hair Thickness?

Hair thickness actually refers to the width of one single strand of hair. The easiest way to assess your thickness is to take a hair on your fingers and pay close attention. If you can’t feel your hair, then you have fine hair. If you can feel it, you have medium hair. But if you can feel a a strong and thick strand, then you have a thick hair.

For the fine hair, it can be benefited from an angled bob or updo. But be sure to opt for a straight end, which will give your hair a fuller look. About the medium thickness is between thick and fine hair, a body wave hairstyle will flatter the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. If you’re worried that thick hair will make you feel a bit heavy, you can opt to shed the extra weight. Unlike fine hair, those with thick hair should avoid a blunt hairstyles, which can lead to a fearsome pyramid shape. If you want a flattering updo, remember ask your stylist to thin out the ends of your hair.

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