What is the difference between hair shedding and hair loss

Have you heard of hair loss and hair shedding? Regardless of the difference between them, both processes can be very stressful. Whether you are experiencing a period of hair shedding or currently going through the process of hair loss, if you are not sure what causes any type of hair loss, it is always important to seek advice from a doctor or professional, so that you can Calm down and help you find the right solution. Want to solve your problem, you must understand what your problem is?

What is Hair Shedding? It is important to pay attention to the natural growth cycle of the hair during any type of hair shedding. The normal growth cycle allows for about 100 hairs per day. If you have experienced more than this, you are likely to experience excessive hair shedding, and the more formal statement is that the hair shedding during the rest period. In the third and final phase of the cycle, at the end of the rest period, the hair begins to fall off and is replaced by new hair, and the new hair growth cycle begins again.  Although hair loss is very worrying, most of the time hair loss is temporary, and normal hair growth cycles tend to recover after a few months. During this time you can use the human hair bundles to make your hair look fuller.

What is Hair loss? Hair loss, also known as hair loss during the growth period, occurs when the hair completely stops growing. The cause of hair loss, in addition to stress, is indeed different from the cause of hair loss, including hereditary hair loss, immune system defects, over-modeling and chemotherapy. If you start to notice that your hair is significantly thinner than usual, or if you have bald spots, you are more likely to experience hair loss rather than excessive hair shedding. You can use the human hair wigs to quickly change your appearance and then seek medical help.

In fact, there are many reasons for excessive hair shedding, including concentrated periods of stress, weight loss or as a repercussion from a recent illness. You can alleviate this situation by paying attention to rest, relaxing emotions, exercising more, and living a healthy life. If you want to solve your hair problem quickly, you can only choose a beautiful high quality lace wig. The lace wigs allows you to have a perfect hairstyle in just a few minutes, giving you confidence and happiness.

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