Hairstyle depend on your face and head type

The choice of hairstyle is very important. If your career does not have any important requirements for your hairstyle, then the best hairstyle for you is probably the hairstyle designed according to your face and head shape.

We often see a lot of people, the original five-dimensional three-dimensional, three courts without eyes, very beautiful, but wasted their own looks because of choosing the wrong hairstyle, the original elegant temperament disappeared because of a very dragging hairstyle. And some people are good at choosing the right hairstyle, and the original appearance is not outstanding.

Hairstyle depend on your face

Under the blessing of the appropriate hairstyle, it becomes exquisite and charming. These are all due to the choice of hairstyle.

To choose the right hairstyle, you should first figure out your head shape and face shape.

Head type: 

The head shape of a person can be divided into several shapes such as large, small, long, pointed, and round.

Large head: people with large heads should not be permed. It is best to choose a long or long straight hair wig. You can also cut out the layers. Straight bang should not be too high. It is best to cover part of the forehead.

Small head shape: the hair should be fluffy, and the long hair should be hot into a fluffy water wave wig, but the hair should not stay too long;

Head length: Because the head shape is long, the hair on both sides should be blown loose, and the top of the head should not be blown too high.

Head type tip: the upper part of the head type is narrow, the lower part is wide, it is not suitable to cut the flathead, the short hair curls are cut, the top is flattened, and the hairs on both sides are blown backward to make the head shape elliptical;

Head round: The bangs can be blown higher, and the hair on both sides is blown to the front, not to cover the face;

Second, the face shape:

The combination of hairstyle and face shape is very important. The hairstyle and face shape is appropriate. It can express a person’s personality, temperament, and make people more attractive. There are seven common face shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square, and equilateral triangle. Inverted triangles and diamonds; let’s briefly introduce these types of faces:

Positive triangle face shape: straight bang can be thinned and thin, hanging down, it is best to cut into the length of the eyebrow, so that it faintly expresses the forehead, with more hair to modify the ankle, such as student hairstyle, bob straight wig with 12-inch bob, should not stay long straight hair;

Inverted triangle face shape: When doing hairstyle, focus on the forehead and chin, bangs can do a row, the length of the hair is more than two cents of the chin, and curl inward, increase the width of the chin, the length of the hair is more than two cents of the chin, and Internal curling, increasing the width of the chin;

Diamond-shaped face shape: This type of face-shaped cheekbone is wide and wide. When making hairstyles, it is important to consider the place where the cheekbone is prominent. Use the hair to modify the front cheek and make the forehead hair fluffy and widen the amount of hair, such as raw hair, short hair, etc.

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