Hairstyle for a dancer

For girls, the hairstyle is very important to them, which is why many girls are constantly changing their hairstyles to suit their different identities or different occasions. In the previous article, we discussed a lot of hairstyles for different people, including bridesmaids, teachers, mothers, and grandmothers. Today, let’s talk about the hairstyles that dancers prefer.

a black girl is practicing dance

For the dancers, they are people who pay more attention to their external image, posture and style than the actors. Generally speaking, dancers are very concerned about their size. As everyone knows, dancers are generally slender, and those who are slightly heavier may not reach some hard conditions for practicing dance, so they must I attach great importance to my body shape. In addition, they also pay great attention to their hairstyle. But the hair styles that different dancers are suitable for are also different.

For ethnic dancers, they generally choose straight hair wig, which is good for them to perform national dance performances, showing the charming, glamorous and dignified gentleness of national dancers. This feature is not a straight hair wig can not be better expressed. Moreover, in many cases, their long hair is also a performance prop, which can better express their feelings and make it easier for the audience to enter the show. (What we need to mention here is that in classical dance, most girls choose straight hair wig, which is related to the long hair of women in the past. The past songs or dancers are all fluttering, dignified and gentle. Therefore, the dancers who are professional in classical folk dances mostly choose long hair to match this dance)

For dances like modern dance, they have no requirements for the hair style of the dancers. They can choose between straight hair wig and bob lace wig, but in general, their hair needs to be tied. , fixed on the head, so as not to affect the play movement. Below we will come to detail the specific hairstyles for everyone.

The beautiful dance is intoxicating, and a light and beautiful dance hairstyle is also very important! In this way, dance and dancers can be mixed, danced and moved, and danced youth!

Divide the hair into upper and lower parts, tie the hair above into a ponytail, place the hairpin on the ponytail, and then roll the hairpin up to the root of the ponytail.

The hair-cutting device is pressed down to make it look like a flower hoe, and the individual pieces of hair are stuffed into the shape of the flower hoe. Twist the hair underneath and wrap around the head.

Finally, use a steel clip to clip the hair around the tail.

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