Hairstyle for flight attendant

In today’s society, most women, like men, can go out of their homes and take up jobs. Moreover, most women are increasingly playing their unique advantages in their work and have achieved certain achievements in their careers. As the role of women continues to play, there are now a number of occupations that are specific to women, such as flight attendants.

Hairstyle for flight attendant
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As we all know, flight attendants are a female profession that has gradually emerged with the development of modern aviation. Their job is to provide assistance to passengers on the plane. The image is very demanding and must reach a certain height, weight and shape. Gives a generous and graceful, gentle and steady character.

The image and etiquette of the flight attendant not only relates to the image of the airline, but also represents the external image of the country and the nation. Therefore, the flight attendant should have good personal cultivation and courtesy during work, life and abroad. Work in the work area should be generous, no strange clothes and no strange hairstyle work clothes and casual wear are not mixed.

Hairstyle: When the flight attendant is wearing a uniform, the hair pays attention to keep the hair style neat and beautiful, generous and natural, uniform and standardized. The hair style is based on the standard hairstyles prescribed by the crew business, leaving no weird hairstyles.

Generally speaking, the hairstyle chosen by the flight attendant is mostly straight hair wig, which is easy to comb and easy to design. For flight attendants, they have their own specific hairstyles and the design method is simple:

Step 1: Prepare a rubber band.

Step 2: Draw a ponytail at the position on the back of the brain.

The third step: dig a ponytail just finished, and dig a hole from the middle.

Step 4: Turn the pony tail up and put it in the hole dug in front.

Step 5: If you have more hair and can’t completely insert it into the hole you dug in the front, you can put the hair in a circle and then put it in.

Step 6: Pull the hair on the side of the side a little and cover the hair slightly in the hole.

Step 7: Clip the hair with a hair clip and you’re done.

The flight attendant’s hair color requires natural and generous, and must not choose strange hair color. But in general, there is no specific requirement for curly hair. If you really like curly hair, as long as it does not affect the normal work, it will not affect the design of daily hair style, and the forehead, no broken hair on the face, uniform hair style, normally it is ok.

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