Hairstyle suitable for big face girl

Girls with big faces are undoubtedly very distressed. They have experienced too many unfriendly things compared to girls with small faces. First of all, in terms of weight, the big-faced girl always gives people a very fat, full-bodied feeling, which makes her feel very high, but in many cases, this is really a misunderstanding.

In addition, in the hairstyle, it is difficult for a girl with a big face to choose a hairstyle that suits them. This is different from a girl with a thin face. They can easily control many hairstyles. But is there really no hair style for big-faced girls? That’s not all right. Below, let’s introduce some hairstyles for big-faced girls.

Hairstyle suitable for big face girl,

First of all, you should first figure out what the face features of the big face are:

The sides are flat and straight. The facial features are flat and not three-dimensional.

A round face is not equal to a big face. The most fundamental difference between a round face and a big face is that the face of the pie is concentrated and lacks a sense of three-dimensionality.

The specific performance is flat side, small eyes, low nose, often accompanied by Mongolian pleats, the face gives people the feeling of a large cake. The round face is not the same if the face is bright, the eye is apricot, the forehead is full, and the facial features are exquisite. It is a classical beauty.

Big face fit hairstyle

Large-faced girls are generally more suitable for curly hair, whether it is long curly hair or short curly hair, as long as the design is properly designed, it can form a better effect, such as:

Fluffy perm design, combined with the biased straight bang, to create a perfect face, looks very feminine, full of charm, dark hair is also fashionable and generous.

The involute shoulder-length hair style, with brown hair dyeing, fashion white, looks very fresh, very literary, partial straight bang also achieved a slim effect.

The long hair of the micro-volume is loosely scattered, and it is matched with the partial straight bang. It is very thin and looks very feminine. The dark hair is also natural and fashionable.

The medium and short hair design of the buckle, with the appropriate hair size, 12-inch bob or 14-inch bob, plus the straight bang with the partial deviation, outlines the delicate face, easily enhances the temperament, looks very sweet. Very tender.

The long hair of the micro-volume is scattered casually, and it is matched with the straight bang of the middle point to outline the delicate face, enhance the temperament, and the brown hair dye is also very fashionable.

The water wave wig, with brown hair dye, is full of fashion, charming and charming, and the straight bang also adorns the face.

The long hair design of the micro-volume is matched with the air bangs. The face is tender and tender, and the brown hair is quite refreshing. It is very beautiful.

Deep wave wig’s large-volume long-hair perm design, with dark hair dyeing, fashion white, easily highlights the unique temperament, the middle of the straight bang also achieved the slimming effect.

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