How much is a full lace wig

Everyone knows that in human hair wig, the full lace wig is undoubtedly the most user-friendly, highest-quality human hair wig, of course, its price is also the highest in real hair wigs. If you have no idea about this price, then please understand the lace front wig and 360 lace wig, I believe you will have a clear definition.

For lace front wig, it is a forehead wig with the lowest lace coverage area, breathability, and hairstyle selection that is lower than other wig types. Of course, its price is also the lowest, at about $100 to $120.

A black girl wore a full lace wig, and she also had a full lace wig model next to her.

360 lace wig is a kind of human hair wig that is more humanized, more breathable and has a choice of hair style than lace front wig. Its price is higher than a lace front wig, and the price is roughly 120 dollars to 130 dollars. Between the dollars.

As a human-made hair wig with a more humanized design, higher quality, breathe-ability and more choice of hairstyle, its price is correspondingly the most expensive, roughly between $150 and $180. The price is about five times that of a lace front wig, which means that you can buy only one full lace wig at the price of two lace front wigs. For many working-class people, the price is theirs. Unwilling to bear.

However, if you really like this kind of human hair wig, just because its price is discouraged, congratulations, your chance is coming. In Mslynn hair, these kinds of human hair wig are undergoing discounts on wigs, and the discount is now around 30%, which means you only need to spend about $120 to $140 to get the most. The humanized full lace wig. And, it is worth noting that Mslynn hair often introduces some real-life wig discounts in order to give back to the old customers. Sometimes the discount is very big. Approximately 50% discount is the gospel of buying real human hair wig consumers.

It can be said that this is a very rare situation in many companies that sell human hair wigs. Generally speaking, for companies with real hair wigs, they are seldom willing to make such a big discount for their products because The production of a human hair wig is time-consuming and laborious, not as simple as a synthetic wig.

If you recently want to buy this type of human hair wig or have the intention to buy this, you can pay attention to the Mslynn hair shop, buy it immediately when the price is greatly discounted, avoid buying these can save money and buy real people at low prices. The opportunity to send a wig.

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