How should you care about your wig in winter

What do you think of in the winter? Snow, cold or dry? Yes, many people like winter, especially children, because the arrival of winter means that Christmas is coming, they can ski and play games, but it is undeniable that winter is extremely dry, it is rare. Moisture is not good for your wig.

Young woman of Haitian ethnicity laughing whole heatedly while standing in snow.

With the continuous development of the wig market, wigs have become more and more indispensable in people’s lives. More and more people choose to use addition instead of playing with their hair, but few people know how to protect their wig. Especially in the winter. These methods below may give you some advice.

Regular moisturizing:

First of all, what you should do is regular moisturizing, dry air in winter, lack of water. Many people will find that winter is the most prone to water shortage. So in winter, people choose skin care products as the first choice for moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products. Correspondingly, the wig exposed to the outside of the cold air will slowly become dry due to the reduction of water molecules. As with the protection of the skin, you should drip your human hair wig for regular moisturizing, then you should choose a moisturizer. The effect is better, the elastic element, with the care of the elastic element, your hair can better lock the water factor in the wig and protect the wig.

Cover and protection of scarves:

In the winter, cold air strikes. People often use their scarves to protect their skin with their scarves when they go out. The same is true for addition. It also needs our protection. Experiments prove that in winter, hair is often A person wrapped in a hat or scarf has a smoother, more sleek hair than a person whose hair is directly exposed to the cold. It can prevent the loss of hair moisture to a certain extent.

Hairstyle choice:

Towels that are rolled together are less likely to dry out than towels that are completely spread out. The reason is that because the towels that are rolled together can prevent the evaporation of water to a certain extent, is the hair the same? Can we use this principle to protect our hair? The answer is yes. Experiments have shown that some people who like to tie their hair into double strands, French rolls or scorpions have more moisture than other people’s hair. In other words, wig density also benefits for our wigs.

Do not use strong setting glue:

Some people likes use Strong setting glue to keep their hairstyle such as gel it can weigh down your hair which will lead to shedding, but it is very bad for your wigs, especially in winter, because it will dry out your hair and forces you to wash it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This will also make your hair color dull and yellow. When your hair has such a problem, please contact the seller to discuss and deal with it.

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