How to avoid human hair wigs tangle

You bought a human hair wigs, you hope it will help you quickly create a new look and make yourself look more fashionable. You can think about it, if your beautiful long straight human hair wigs has a very serious hair tangle problem, if your cute little curly hair wig is very distracting and entangled, is it a headache for you? Hair tangle is a stumbling block on your fashion road. 

So what do we do in our daily lives to avoid this problem? Today, we will share with you some tips to effectively avoid human hair wigs tangle.

The first thing we need to know is why does hair tangle? I think there are two main reasons, one is that hair is too dry, and the other is that friction causes hair to tangle, such as leaning against the sofa, a chair, a head rest in a car, or against a pillow. The friction causes the human hair damage which will eventually cause it to tangle. about the dry problem, as we all know , when hair loss water it will become dry and tangle or shed .

Now that we know the cause of human hair hair tangle, we can avoid the two aspects.

1.Avoid hair dryness

The effective way to avoid dry hair is regular cleansing and deep care.

here is some tips for care the hair your reference

(1) wash hair regularly with hair conditioner,no shampoo.

(2) wash and deep condition the hair before install 

(3) detangle hair gently before washing,water to wet,add mild hair conditioner,

rinse and let the hair to dry naturally. 

(4)please use the wild-toothed comb to comb the hair. 

(5) if the hair become dry, add a few drops of Oliver oil to hair conditioner,and wash once to twice a week, it can effectively Preserve Moisture. 

Let me just remind you of one thing, if you wig is curly human hair wigs, don’t use any comb, you only need to gently comb with your fingers. Because his curls are so small, using a comb can easily cause hair loss.

2.Avoid hair rubbing

Now that we know that friction is prone to hair knotting, the first thing we should avoid is to sleep with your human hair wigs.In addition Braiding is a perfect solution for hair tangle. All you need to do is typing your hair up in a ponytail.

After reading this blog, have you gotten to how to avoid human hair wigs tangle? Go for it, make your hair look silky and soft forever.

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