How to Care for a Synthetic Wig

Many people choose synthetic wigs when buying wigs because it chooses more, is cheaper, and is easier to manage. Although it has many advantages, nothing is perfect, and synthetic wigs are the same. It has a short life span. We have put together some tips for nursing wigs that can help you extend the life of your wigs.

How to Care for a Synthetic Wig

In order to keep the hair style you want and make your wig look more beautiful, it is important to take care of your wig. Let’s learn how to care for your synthetic wig.

1. On-time cleaning and deep care wigs are the most important. Use shampoo and other wig care products specially formulated for wig fibers. Regular use of wig hair conditioner to help soften the dry and bring luster and fluidity of the fiber. Conditioner can also help restore the original shape of the wig. Remember to brush your wig with a brush before washing to remove tangles. Always handle your wig gently. If it is a curly hair wig, you can gently comb it with your fingers.

2. Move the washed wig to a clean, dry towel and gently massage it several times. Don’t rub, twist or twist your wig. Hang the wig loosely on wig stand or spray can to let it dry naturally. Placing a wet wig on a styrofoam head or a blockhead can stretch and ruin the wig cap. Note: Never use a hair dryer on a heat-resistant synthetic wig!

3. Avoid rubbing things that can cause friction, such as upholstered furniture, high collars and pillows, because these things can damage wigs, so we need to remove our synthetic wigs while sleeping. Also need to be careful to avoid contact with boiling water, preheated ovens, curling irons, hair dryers, dryers, open flames and grills.

4. When the wig is wet, the hair fibers are more likely to be destroyed, so when your wig is wet with water, steam, rain, snow, excessive spray or sweat, never brush or touch it. Remember, don’t lick, twist or twist your wig at any time.

Following these wig care tips is simple and will help to extend the life of your wig. But another key factor influencing hair life is the choice of high quality synthetic wigs. Coleenwigs always provide high quality synthetic wigs. Finally, tell a little trick, if you want to make the wig more comfortable to wear, you can bring a wig cap under the wig. The cap will help secure your natural hair, and can also help prevent breakage and thinning, especially at the crown.

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