How to care for your hair after the rain

Everyone knows that hair care is very important to protect your hair, especially after you use human hair wig. Human hair wig has a long service life of about a year, but if it can’t be well cared for, its service life will definitely be affected. I believe many people who choose to use human hair wig will be confused. How to care for human hair wig, especially after it rains.

a women is sitting in the rain,

With the development of industry and commerce, our air pollution has become more and more serious. Now the rainwater is not as clean as before but contains many bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, after the rain, it is necessary to clean the human hair wig after it has been exposed to rain. If you want to care for your hair after the rain, please read these words carefully.

Recently, it has been raining again. Are you getting wet in the rain? Is your hair completely washed in the rain?

 care for your hair after the rain

We all know that the first rain washed away harmful and chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. This polluted rain is obviously dangerous to your hair. So, please rinse your hair immediately, especially after your hair has been baptized by rain. Make sure you dry it right away. But before that, please wash with shampoo. Do not let the wet hair dry without washing. Hair is washed immediately after the rain and dried, which will help remove all toxins and atmospheric pollutants deposited in the hair by rain.

When cleaning your hair, please put a basin of water and put the hair care products such as shampoo in clean water for uniform mixing to ensure that it can be mixed organically.

Then, comb the hair with a coarse-toothed comb, if you are straight hair wig. But if your hair is curly, please try to straighten out your hair with your fingers. Remember to use light force. You may tear your hair off or tear your wig net.

Of course, you can also add some neem leaves in warm water and let it soak for a while, then rinse the hair with this water.

Some people may say that the rainwater is full of substances that will make our hair grow or make our hair curl more. Because moist air creates hydrogen bonds between water molecules and proteins in the hair, causing curling and curling. Straight hair will become undulating. If you have curly hair, humidity can make your hair curl or even bend.

However, please note that this is in clean rainwater, and with the large area pollution of the atmosphere and the environment, the rainwater contains a lot of chemicals and harmful substances, which has long been not what we call “rootless water”. So, after the rain, in order to protect your human hair wig, please try to clean it.

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