How to care of your deep wave wig

With the development of science and technology, people’s living standards have improved, the types of wigs have gradually increased, and the number and quality of wigs have been continuously improved. People use wigs more and more, so in this case, wig care is especially important, especially for human hair wig, people spend a lot of money to get it, it is also more than synthetic wigs. To be more vulnerable, human hair wig care is the most important thing for most people who use wigs.

In the middle, a human hair wig’s deep wave wig and other types of curly hair should pay more attention to care. Curls themselves are more prone to hair tangle than straight hair. Without care and care, its pattern is easy to change, so the meaning of choosing curly hair no longer exists.

your deep wave wig

Basically, a wig is a product that is produced for convenience, so its care only needs to do a few points: 1. Try not to get close to high temperature, because the material relationship is not high temperature resistant. 2, try not to excessively dye the wig, although human hair wig can support hair dyeing, long-term dyeing is not conducive to the protection of the human hair wig.

In addition, the wig is usually washed once in 1-2 months, you can also set your own wig cleaning frequency according to your own frequency of use.

It is best to wash the wig with cold water or warm water. Use normal shampoo when washing. If necessary, you can also use the general conditioner.

Wash the wigs as much as possible. Do not use a high-temperature wind such as a hair dryer to dry them. Use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess moisture from the wigs and put them in a ventilated place to avoid damage to the wigs caused by direct sunlight.

Do not comb the wigs immediately after washing, and wait until the wigs are dry before combing.

Try to use a special fashion wig comb, not a comb with a plastic comb! Deep wave wig and other types of curly hair basically do not use a comb, and the place where the roll is taken can be finished by hand.

If the wig is worn for a long time, please remember to never pull it hard. You should spray a special non-oily maintenance liquid for the wig and then slowly and carefully remove it.

Be careful not to spray the styling agent used in real hair such as philosophical water or wax on the wig, as this will make the wig sticky.

Use a wig-specific non-oily maintenance fluid to make the wig soft and prevent static electricity, and keep the wig moisturized as you just bought it.

Please carefully protect and care for your human hair wig. You spend a lot of money on it, carefully protect it. You can use it for a year or so, but if you can’t protect it carefully. Then you may lose it soon.

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