How to care of your straight hair wig

With the advancement of science and the continuous improvement of the standard of living, a new product has gradually entered the people’s field of vision and entered people’s lives. It is wigs. In the middle, human hair wigs are the most popular and most concerned type of wig. Then, the cleaning work on human hair wig is also the most important thing.

Straight hair wig is much easier and more careful than the care and care of the more troublesome hair curls. Today we will briefly introduce the straight hair wig straight hair care method.

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Before cleaning

Before you clean straight hair wig, it is best to take care of it to make it more straightforward. You can use the wig for sparse (try not to use a plastic comb to avoid hanging the hair.) Gently comb down from above, so that the dirt and dust left in the wig are allowed to be cleaned to ensure it is clean.

Water temperature

There is also a requirement for the water temperature used for straight hair wig. The water temperature should not be too high, and warm water is more suitable (about 20 degrees, but not higher than 25 degrees) or cold water. In order to better care for wigs, some acidic treatments can be dissolved in water.

warm tips

Soaking, cleaning

Let the wig be soaked in the water for about 10 minutes, which can achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, you can rinse it gently with your hands. You can use some shampoo when washing, and the conditioner is perfect. Whether it is straight hair wig or curly hair, they all belong to human hair wig, which is made of 100% human hair, so their cleaning steps and even some hair care products needed for cleaning are the same in many cases.


After washing, gently remove the water droplets from the wig and dry the remaining water with a clean, soft towel. Is this not very troublesome, is the hairdryer not faster? Forgot to remind you that it is recommended to blow dry the wig that has just been washed without using a high-temperature wind such as a hairdryer (if it is cold air blowing), so as not to fall off the hair. Finally, place it in a cool, ventilated place to avoid damage from the sun’s high-temperature exposure.

Do not comb after washing

Maybe some girls will make such mistakes, and comb the wigs immediately after cleaning them. I don’t know if this will inadvertently damage the wigs.

Nursing damaged wig

If you encounter a wig with a wig, damage, dry edema, knotting (do not pull it hard to prevent breaking the hair), you can spray a special wig on the wig and then comb it. much better. But it is best not to wash more combs because the damage to the wig is very large.

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