How to Curl a Synthetic Wig

What if you are tired of your straight hair style and don’t like your straight hair wig anymore? Is it going to take your straight hair wig into your closet and buy a new curly wig, or do you want to get your wig rolled? Did you say that you haven’t thought about rolling up your synthetic wig? You are told that this is impossible, because heated styling tools can damage your synthetic wig?

straight hair wigs to curly hair wigs

Yes, although synthetic hair can’t withstand high temperature styling, you can use the right tools, some patience and some exercises to give your synthetic wigs add body and curls. Please follow our step-by-step guide to create beautiful waves in synthetic wigs.

First we need to prepare some tools. Wig stand,wig comb, a spray bottle filled with clean, cool water, wig styling spray. Hair clips with “duckbill closures” (and bobby pins depending on the type of foam rollers used). Foam hair rollers (not the heated kind).

With these tools in place, we can begin to clean up our wigs. Brush your wig with a wig comb or wig brush. Carefully remove any tangles gently while avoiding stretching the synthetic hair fibers. Use short strokes starting at the ends of the hair and working your way up. Avoid brushing too close to the wig cap itself. 

Then divide the hair into four large pieces and fix them with hair clips. You will want one section in the top center, one in the back center, and then a section of both the left and right sides of the wig. Beginning with the top center section of hair, release the hair from the hair clip. You will want to work with separate one inch sections of the hair at a time. Separate the first one inch section from the rest of the top center hair. Lightly spritz the one inch section with cool water from root to ends. Be careful not to completely soak your synthetic wig, just wet it.

Next, Place the roller at the end of the strand and wind the hair around by rolling the hair and roller toward the base of the wig. Clip the curler in place once the strand is completely rolled up. Be careful not to let the clip or pin puncture the wig cap. Repeat until the entire wig is rolled into curlers.

Finally, let the hair dry naturally. When your entire wig is rolled up, you need to let it dry until the hair is no longer wet. Start at the bottom of your wig and spread your curls in the reverse order in which you put your hair in. Loosen the clip or pin that secures the roller and slowly remove the roller. In this step, be careful not to stretch the curls. In this step, when you unfold your hair, you can use a wig-shaped spray to gently spray your hair to help shape.

As we know, it is not impossible to turn your straight hair wig into a curly wig. However, it does require a heatless molding technique to avoid damaging synthetic fibers.

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