How to Cut a Bob

The most popular short hair style in 2019 is the Bob. The Bob is a simple hairstyle that is easy to trim and modify. But if you have long hair wigs or curly hair wigs that you don’t like, you can cut them into short Bob wigs. Prepare some necessary supplies and follow a few simple steps to cut the Bob cut correctly.

bob hairstyles

First, we need to find a good haircut scissors, hair clippers,a hair razor,hair comb and hair ties. Don’t use kitchen shears, household scissors, or gardening shears as they could pull or damage your hair. It is best to use an electric high quality hair clipper because you will use this tool to cut short hair. The hair comb is going to help you create even sections of your hair for the cut. The hair ties will keep sections of hair out of the way as you cut. Once these tools are ready, we can start making our short Bob wigs.

First, clean your wig. You need to start with clean, dry hair. After washing the wig, let it air dry or blow dry. Dry hair ensures that you don’t cut your hair too short, because wet hair will eventually be shorter than it looks.

Second, determine the length and hairstyle you want. At the beginning you can keep your hair length longer than your ideal length, which will give you some room for modification. 

Third, use a comb to divide the hair into three even parts: one on the back and one on the sides. Fix these three parts with the hair band.

Fourth, cut your hair. Move the back ponytail up or down against your neck, based on the length you would like the bob to be. If you want a shorter bob, move the ponytail further up. For a longer bob, move the ponytail further down. Most bobs are on the shorter side so you may opt for a shorter cut in the back. Release the back ponytail once you are done trimming it. Then, release the side ponytails. You should have a blunt, even cut in the back section and longer side sections. You will then take the hair razor and shape the side sections until they are the length you would like for the bob.

Finally, Blend the ends of the hair. As a finishing touch, you should blend the ends of your hair so your bob looks even and polished. Blending the ends will also help to remove any stray pieces of hair that are too long. Lift up small pieces of hair and run the hair razor on the ends of the hair in a downward, angled motion. This will help to taper the ends and make them appear more blended. Do this around your entire head so the ends are blended.

If you think this process is too much trouble, you can also buy a new Bob wig directly from mslynn hair. After all, short Bob wig is the most affordable wig.

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