How to do a braided flower crown hairstyle

I believe that many girls live in a princess, not so much that they want to be a princess, they have a princess dream. I believe that many girls have experienced the secret use of mother cosmetics when they were young. It can be said that girls are beautiful when they are young. Then, for a girl in the flower season, the demand for beauty is even greater. Recently, a corolla hairstyle can be said to be very popular among girls, and a scorpion and a corolla are all popular. Elegant and rustic, cute and chic. There are many ways to make a woven corolla hairstyle. If you want to be beautiful too, then please read the text carefully.

If you have bob lace wig, medium hair or straight hair you can use the headband to make a woven corolla. If you have long hair, you can try a romantic, half-half, half-down style that twists your hair into a flower-shaped bun.

If you don not have enough hair, you could choose some kind of wig such as full lace wig or 360 lace wig in order to you could make your braided flower crown hair style.

Use flower headband

First you need to create a tail above the eyebrows. Use a ratchet comb to help make the parts clean and beautiful. Simply fix all the hair together, which will give you a convenient use of the flower headband.

Start Dutch weaving on your forehead. What is Dutch weaving? Dutch weaving is like French weaving, but the opposite is that you can’t pass one side of the hair through any one of the middle, but you should pass them all in one. When you add the hair to the front, you can collect the hair from the front forehead, then add the hair that was collected from the back before,  When your hair reaches your ears, you can stop.

Fixing the braid with a hair clip

It is necessary to use a hairpin to hold your woven fabric. If your woven fabric is not fixed in time, it will easily loosen and become scattered. Then everything you have done before will be abandoned. Of course you can use a hair clip, pick a beautiful hair clip or something you like, fix your hair and fix it into a beautiful model. If you can do it well, then a corolla hairstyle can be started at this time. The model is gone.

Then choose a flower headband and add it to your hair. You can add any type of flower headband you like. Different flower heads have different styles and are suitable for different people, if you want longer Keep your hair style, you’d better use a hard crown that looks like a headgear. If necessary, you can fix your headband with a hair clip. If you like flowers, you can also use a few smaller flowers to fix them on your hair, which will make you look like a flower fairy.

If you have full lace wig, you do not need to care about your hair, please Braid the rest of your hair into braids, along with the horse’s tail that was fixed before. Fixed to your head, you can use petals or beautiful ribbons to fix it. If you like Bohemian style, you can leave a small strand of hair around your forehead to weave it, and fix it on both sides of your forehead after weaving.

Do you like the kind of hairstyle which made you looks like a beautiful princess.

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