How To Dye A Human Hair Wig By Yourself

Most women like to experiment with their hairstyles and hair colors. But despite their desire to do so, they risk damaging their hair.The best way to solve this crazy hair experiment is to wear a human hair wig. With a human hair wig, you can wear long hair on short hair and vice versa. You can also be a blonde without dying your black hair.

dyed hair

However, sometimes we want to wear a different wig color every day. Instead of dyeing your hair with chemical dyes, you can dye your existing human hair wigs directly. In addition, when you buy a human hair wig and find yourself dissatisfied with its color, you can dye your hair according to your own taste. Also, if you’re one of those people who gets tired of the color of your wig from time to time, you can always change the color of your wig without having to buy one.

For best results, just follow a few steps. First, prepare all the necessary materials, especially hair dye. Choose the best hair color you want. Wash your wig first, remove it from the residue befofe dying.

Then, secure the wig to a wig stand, divide it into four parts. Apply vaseline to each area. This will protect the hair of your human hair wig from the chemical properties of the dye. When vaseline sits on the hair, begin mixing with the dye solution. Read the instructions on your dye to see how much dye you should combine with the developer.

When everything is set, start dyeing your hair from the tips and slowly apply upward with a smudge brush. Make sure the dye is spread evenly throughout the wig. This will help dyed hair look more natural. Let it sit for a few minutes or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now you need to remove the wig from the wig stand and rinse with warm water to wash the excess dye with warm water and shampoo the wig. Then clean thoroughly. Apply the conditioner to the top of the wig after shampoo. This will make your wig even shinier. Wash your conditioner with cold or warm water.

The last, gently squeeze the wig with a towel to remove excess moisture. Put it back on the wig stand to dry naturally.

Tips: Some people have trouble removing vaseline from the lace frontal even after shampoo their hair. This is usually due to the use of cold water, which results in greasy hair. Just mix warm to hot water and shampoo in a large basin. Leave the lace in the water until the vaseline falls off, then wash your hair as usual. Repeat this step if necessary.

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