How To Dye Synthetic Hair

Those colors are no longer what you like, or are synthetic wigs that are not suitable for you. How do you deal with them? Is it thrown in the corner of the closet, or ready to transform it into a brand new synthetic wig. If the style you don’t like, you can ask the hair stylist to trim. But if you don’t like the color, what do you do? We all know that synthetic wigs can’t be dyed. But there are still people trying to dye their synthetic wigs, although this is a little risky.

How To Dye Synthetic Hair

A few years ago, I happened to see a tutorial on how to dye synthetic wigs on YouTube. Usually only visible to the human hair wigs dyed, synthetic wig is really rare, so this makes me very excited. The following is a detailed introduction to the skills I have learned to help you in your wig resurrection journey! However, please be sure to use the synthetic wig that is already idle.

We need to prepare something: a heat-friendly synthetic wig, a fabric dye of your choice, a pot and a stove, some old clothes and other protective items that you don’t like. Start by bringing water to boil in a pot – large size is best but if it is a smaller wig you may be able to fluctuate a little on size – and mix in the dye. Then before you drop in your wig, get it a little damp by running it under the sink just so it is already a bit saturated and this will help the process of actual dyeing.

Remove the pot from the stove and quickly soak the wig in! The lighter the color you want, the shorter the stay, the darker the color you want, the longer it will stay. Basically, this process is something you can’t escape. You can also control the color by adding less or more dye to the actual mixture. Once your hair reaches your preferred color, remove the wig and rinse with cold water. Rinse well until the water clears and let your hair dry naturally. 

In fact, synthetic wigs are very cheap, and it takes only a few tens of dollars to buy a high-quality and synthetic wig in coleenwigs. Now there are more beautiful colors to choose from. We do not recommend dyeing your synthetic wigs as this requires risking damage to the wig.

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