How to ease the knotting of wigs

For people who buy and use wigs, the most troublesome thing for them is how to care for wigs. We all know that there are some knots in the process of using the wig. Whether it is a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, these are unavoidable, so what we need to do is to take care of our wigs carefully.

ease the knotting of wigs

For most people, buying a human hair wig is not cheap, no one will think that the money does not matter, it is not worth mentioning. If the wig is knotted or there are some other problems, and I don’t think of a solution as soon as possible, then this is likely to affect the service life of the wig. This is a situation that no one is willing to see. So, we How to solve it?

First of all, carefully combing the human hair wig

A human hair wig is different from your own hair. You must treat it very patiently and very gently. If you are not patient enough and not gentle enough, you are likely to damage it, break the wig or tear your wig silkscreen. What you need to do is gently use your fingers or comb the wig’s professional comb to gently comb the knots, especially for curly hair. Hair curls have a lot of curl than straight hair, making it easier to knot and harder to comb. If you don’t have enough patience, then you can’t finish the job.

Second, use natural high-quality shampoo products such as avocado

Although a real hair wig is made of 100% human hair, it is not exactly the same as your natural hair. It has lost its vitality and can no longer extract the necessary nutrients from your scalp. For a long time, the lack of nutrients will make your hair more likely to become rough and knotted. You need to buy some natural high-quality hair care products to repair the hair, supple, especially after using some high-temperature heating tools. after that.

Again, don’t wash the wig frequently

Many people have fallen into a misunderstanding. They think that regular cleaning of wigs can effectively protect wigs and extend their service life. Regular cleaning of wigs, especially for human hair wigs, will wash away the nutrients that are rare on the hair and make it easier to protect the hair. You can clean the wig regularly but don’t over-clean it.

Finally, please use a wig stand

The wig stand is the most professional tool for preserving wigs. It has a certain bracket and model. It is much better to place the wig on the wig stand than if you are still in a place, especially to keep it naturally drooping. Not easy to tie knots.

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