How to Identify Your Hair Type

Determining your hair type is important for its care, maintenance, treatment and styling. Surprisingly, not many people know what type of hair they have. If you don’t know your hair type, it may lead you to choose a hair care product that is not suitable for your hair. And you can’t find the human hair wigs and the human hair bundles that suits you best. Next we will teach you how to identify your hair type and hope to help you.

The first step in identifying your hair is to identify your skin type. The scalp shows the same behavior as the skin. If your skin is dry, neutral, oily, neutral to dry or neutral to oily, your scalp will follow the same pattern. Hair types are usually the same as skin types; but they are further divided into straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, thick hair or thin hair .

Normal hair is shiny and the oil secreted by the scalp glands is balanced. Dry hair is easily damaged and is easily broken due to insufficient oil secretion from the glands. This type of hair is rough and requires proper care. The oil glands of oily hair are very active and secrete a lot of oil. Therefore, oily hair is very shiny, but it needs to be cleaned frequently; otherwise, the oil glands will be blocked by dirt and even cause bacterial infection.

Human hair can be straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. Every type of hair mutates, which is why everyone’s hair is different from his peers. To determine the type of hair, you should wash your hair with a normal shampoo and let it dry without a towel or a hair dryer. Once your hair is completely dry, you can determine your hair type.

hair type

See which pattern type your hair belongs to: Flat and straight, Little body but no wave, Two or three waves but overall straight, Distinct waves, Slight curls, Lots of loose spiral curls, Bouncy curls, Tight curls, Tight S-shaped curls, Tight S-shaped curls falling in zigzag pattern. 

Once you determine the type and extent of wave or curl in your locks, you can identify the overall thickness of your hair. Gather your hair in a pony tail and measure the circumference. Thin hair will measure less or equal to 2 inches; normal coat will be between 2-4 inches; and thick hair will be 4-4+inches.

Know the exact type of hair you can make your hair healthy and beautiful with proper care and care.

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