how to install full lace wig?

Because Full lace human hair wig is entirely handmade, it makes it the most expensive of many wigs. But there are still many people who like it. The use of a large area of lace makes it breathable and can create a variety of hairstyles, make full lace human hair wigs an undetectable human hair wigs. Wearing a wig correctly ensures a comfortable, natural look and style. On the other hand, if you wear a full lace wig in the wrong way, it will definitely make your most expensive human hair wig effect greatly reduced.

body wave full lace wig

So,How to Install Full Lace Wig?

Nowdays, the glueless full lace wig is very popular. Because it is easy to wear, you can operate it at home,no need a professional. Today,we want to share with you is Install full Lace human hair wigs without glue

1.First of all, you have to deal with your hair, so that it will not appear uneven after you wear a wig. Whether your hair is long or short, you need to make sure that all your hair is combed back from the hairline so you can’t see it under the wig.

2. Second, clean your skin.Wipe the skin around the hairline with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol solution. This removes any oil and impurities from the skin.

3.Then, determine a great location of your wig, neither too close to your hairline nor your eyebrow. Flip the wig back into the right position and place it on your head. Insert the wig clips into your hair to secure the wig in place.

4.Next, cut off the lace along the hairline start from one of your temple, Pull the lace of the wig tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even and smooth strokes. Be sure to have more patience when doing this step, pay attention to your hair and yourself.

5.Glueless full lace wig have elastic in the back to help hold it in place. Tighten or loosen those straps as needed so the wig feels secure and comfortable on your head.

6.Finally, you need to do is to organize your babyhair and create a natural look.

The last thing I want to tell you is that wash and deep condition the hair before install. And you need regular cleaning and care to use it longer. It’s best to remove your full lace wig before you go to bed.

Now that you have learned how to install a full lace wig, go and buy one to try. If you don’t know where to buy one, then I suggest you go to Ruiyu hair to have a look. There are high quality human hair wigs.

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