How To Look After Black Hair

Black hair is beautiful, natural,Black hair is very strong, and the hair and hair follicles of typical African descent are tightly curled, so many methods for styling black hair can cause hair loss. Because black hair is difficult to manage, many African American women give up their own hair and choose to wear human hair wigs directly. This blog will share with you the method of caring for black hair, hoping to help you.

First, comb the hair correctly. You don’t need to comb your hair every day, you can gently comb your hair with your fingers. Brushing hair with brushes is a very harmful process, because continuous pulling can put pressure on hair and hair follicles. When necessary, avoid using brushes,comb carefully using a wide tooth comb. Always start from the ends of your hair first; never comb straight down from the roots.

Second, wash your hair. The more you wash your hair, the more water you lose, so don’t wash your hair every day. Wash your hair usually for 7-10 days, choose moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It will help moisturize your hair and keep it managed. Dry hair can easily cause problems such as hair tangle and hair loss, so it is important to pay attention to the deep care of the hair. Hot oil conditioners are ideal for black hair because hot oil conditioners contain proteins and polymers that are essential for repairing the stratum corneum. Hot oil therapy involves heating the oil, putting it in the hair and scalp, then covering the hair with a plastic cap to allow the grease to penetrate.

Third, do not use the heating tool frequently. Many women don’t like their curly hair. They always like to change their hairstyles and straighten their hair with a heating tool. In fact, the hot comb and relaxant used to straighten the hair can cause a lot of heat and chemical damage to the hair and scalp, and can also cause traumatic hair loss, which can lead to permanent hair loss over time. 

Therefore, in order to protect your hair health, you should avoid using heating tools. If you really want to try different styles of hair, you can try lace wigs, now human hair lace wigs are very natural, and there are many styles to choose from, whether you want straight hair or curly hair, long hair or short hair style, you can turn up.

Black hair is not easy to take care of, but if we can do every step, we can improve the status of our hair.

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