How to make a George Washington wig for a easily

Nowadays, most of the children have their own idols in order to follow the idol’s footsteps to learn to progress and motivate themselves to move forward. Some people’s idols are Helen Keller. Some people’s idols are Justin Bieber, and some people likes George Washington. The idol is the first US president. As the children became obsessed with idols, some peripheral products about idols began to emerge, and they were greatly welcomed by the children. For example, many children want to imitate the appearance of Washington in the past, so he should pay attention to the imitation and the most important thing to ignore is the hair of Washington. Then, how can we make a Washington wig that can be worn by children? And what should we do?

Making a mold:

First you need a brown paper bag, you need to put the paper bag face down on the child’s head, pay attention to the need to put its glossy side up. Then cut according to the specific size of the child’s head, then use the brush to draw a square L-shaped range, carefully observe the hair styles of the 18th century boys, draw the front bangs of Washington and the thick ponytails on the L shape. shape.

Choose a suitable human hair wig

Secondly, you need a wig that is similar to a Washington wig. You can choose lace front wig or 360 lace front wig. This wig is more suitable for you because you can easily put it in your already made. On the model, you can use lace front wig to do the former bangs of Washington, or you can use 360lace front wig to make the wigs of Washington as a whole. You can choose whatever you like. In addition, if you need to make a Washington ponytail whip, you can use bundles and closures to make a combination. It is well known that you can use the bundle to make a ponytail in Washington. If you choose 360 lace front wig, you can use your own hand. It is compiled into a ponytail.

Finally, you should choose the right wig type and colorful hair wig. According to the hair style and hair color of the 18th century man, you can choose the hair color of the wig and choose the   kinky curly wig.

Cut the wigs of your choice to the specific size, then stick them to your model with a white glue stick. A simple Washington wig will do just that.

Celebrity wigs are easy to do as long as you choose the right type of tools and wigs, and expect you to make a differently popular celebrities wigs to send to cute kids.

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