How to make a quick hairstyle with a wig

Do you think that the time between getting up every morning and going to work before going to work, very fast, always feel that time is not enough. You don’t want to look too embarrassed and don’t want to sacrifice your precious sleep time. We have a good idea, for a quick and easy look , check out our 5-minute wig hairstyles that will hold up throughout the day — without holding you up in the morning.  

The first hair style is Side Braid, spray dry shampoo onto your lace wigs and quickly comb the hair by hand. Dry shampoo absorbs oil and makes it easier to braid. Pull your hair aside, then start from your neck and start loosely braiding your hair. Fix the bottom of the tweezers with a hair band. Flexibly spray hair spray along the tweezers to complete the styling. Leaving little wisps of hair out of the braid will frame your face nicely. And don’t worry about making the braid perfect — keeping it loose gives it an effortless look.

Next, Half-up Knot.It isn’t as complicated as it sounds! Give it a try with these steps: Pull hair halfway up (how you part your hair is up to you. Section the hair in your hands in half, and then tie them as you would any knot. Tie another knot with the same sections. Twist the knots around and adjust the look however you like. Secure them by placing bobby pins through the knots — using thick pins on either side of the knots will give you the best hold

Finally, curly hair wigs favorite hairstyle —One Side up. On one side of your head, gather a small section of hair from your part to your ear. Twist the small section of hair between your part and your ear. Secure your little twist with bobby pins and set the style with hairspray.

If it is really a very urgent situation, there is not even five minutes. Then you can try the headband or headscarf. Decorative headbands and patterned headscarves are the perfect accessory to keep your hair out of your face all day without sacrificing your style. The hair combs up or down and looks great. 

How do you style your hair on busy mornings? If you have a good method, you are welcome to share it with everyone. If you are also confused, I hope that these quick and simple hair style can help you.

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