How to Make hair bundles Look Real in Short Hair

For short hair, the human hair bundles is the most helpful thing. Waiting for your hair to grow longer, it can take several years. But with the human hair bundles, they can turn into long hair instantly. Many people, including most celebrities, often wear hair bundles to enhance their appearance and make their hair look thicker and longer. For women who have hair loss, hair extension is a bright light. Hair extension not only makes your hair longer, it can also be used to fill bald areas, making your hair look more natural and denser. 

However, for women with short hair, it is a little hard to make the hair look really real. However, there are still several ways to add hair bundles to achieve a beautiful transition.

1.Find the perfect color match, the perfect color is the key to making your hair look natural. A color that is too deep or too light will make the hair bundles stand out, so that everyone knows it is a wig. When matching the hair color, it uses the end of your own hair as a guide, as this is where the hair extends, not your hair root. Usually people’s hair is dark brown or natural black, so even if you have black hair, don’t choose black hair bundles.

2.It is also important to choose the right hair texture. If your hair is thin and soft, then you can’t choose a thick and hard hair bundles. Brazilian hair bundles is the hardest, Peruvian hair bundles is the softest, and Malaysian hair bundles is between the two. You can pick one according to your own hair.

3.You can also get many types of human hair bundles such as straight hair bundles, curly hair bundles, wavy hair bundles. It’s important to choose the type that most looks like your hair. If your hair is straight, you can choose straight hair. If your hair is naturally curled, choose curly hair.

4.Make a natural hairstyle. Just like you make a haircut for your hair, make a haircut for your own human hair bundles so that the two match. When curling, try to roll your hair and hair bundles together. This can make them look seamless and no one knows where the hair bundles starts. You can also have the hair stylist do the proper trimming for you, which will look more natural.

Human hair bundles are a brilliant way of getting your ideal look and as long as you follow these easy tips, no one will ever know they aren’t your real tresses.

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