How to make your curly hair natural

As we all know, hair care is very important. We spent a lot of money to buy the best human hair wig, the virgin human hair wig, for its high cost performance and long service life. If we can’t properly protect and manage the hair, so that it starts to appear some hair tangle, bifurcation, rough, short hair, etc, then the time and money we spend to buy real hair wigs is undoubtedly a waste. Understand.

curly hair

Everyone knows that the care of curly hair is not easy. It is not like straight hair wig. It can be combed directly with a coarse-toothed lion. It is just fine. There are a lot of curls on the curls. If you can’t take care of it in the right way, then you are likely to destroy its curl. The curl of the curl is an important factor in maintaining the curling hairstyle. When your curl is destroyed, your hairstyle will undoubtedly be damaged, and your curly hair will not look natural.

How to properly handle your curly hair to make it look natural? In fact, the method is very simple. You need to apply shampoo to your palms every time you wash your human hair wig regularly. After applying evenly, gently massage your hair. In the massage, pay attention to the treatment according to the law of hair curling. Do not try to roll up the hair, wash it according to its pattern curl, follow the washing rule from hair root to hair tip.

After you have cleaned your hair, don’t rush to use a high-temperature heating tool such as a hair dryer to dry your hair. You need to take a dry towel, keep it clean, and then put it on your hair for moisture absorption. When you feel that your hair is 60% dry, you can take out your hair care products such as hair care essential oils and elastin, and apply it evenly on your hair.

When you smear, you need to pay attention to the fact that you need to put your head to the side of the shoulder, keep your hair perpendicular to the ground, and then evenly grab the hair care products on your hair, using your fingers or special hair combing The comb straightens it out, keeping the hairs of the roots independent, don’t let them entangle, and don’t let them become hair tangle.

If you want your curly hair to look natural. Just these are not enough. You should also pay attention to not wearing your human hair wig to sleep, especially if you have a curly hair. Whether it is water wave wig or other curly wigs, long-term frictional sleep will change your hair style, curl or hair curl direction changes, making your curly hair look less natural.

Please take care of your curly hair and make it look natural and beautiful when you just bought it.

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