How To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Bold hair color has become a way for us to show our personality. Nothing can enhance your confidence by wearing a new colorful wig or going to a beauty salon for a new hair color. With a new hair color, you will want the color of your hair to last. But you will find that some colors will fade more than others, taking care of it means fewer times to go to the salon, and fresher colors will last longer. To learn more about how to make your hair color last longer, continue reading this blog.

Choose the right shampoo. If you want to keep your hair color, choosing the right shampoo, if not the most important one, is one of the most important things. A shampoo containing sulphate will cause your hair to fall off, so you must avoid using this shampoo and choose a mild alternative. There are a lot of shampoos designed specifically for your hair color, they will deposit pigment on your hair and make your hair look fresh.

Hot tools are the worst to fade your hair color, so it is worth trying to avoid them. Think about the human hair wigs that you often use with hot tools, are they getting dry and not shiny? When you’re doing a haircut, just make sure you’re using a thermal protectant and don’t let the heat stay on your hair for too long. 

Keep moisture.Dry and damaged hair can’t keep the original color, because the hair dye process will cause great damage to the hair, so make sure your hair is always full of moisture. Deep care of the hair is performed weekly.

Avoid direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light in the sun can easily cause hair to fade. So wear a sun visor when you are out, or use a sunscreen spray from your hair. In addition to protecting our skin, we must also protect our hair.

Hair dyes work by lifting the stratum corneum to deposit color onto your hair. However, the stratum corneum may take up to 3 days to fully close, so if you wash your hair too early, you may flush your new hair color into the sewer. After 72 hours, you still want to wash your hair as little as possible to prevent the hair from fading.

Of course, if you are afraid that the hair color you dyed is not the ideal color, you can’t easily try some bold colors. You can buy a colorful wig in Ruiyu hair and try it.

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