How to make your human hair wig last longer

With the increasing number of wig styles, there are more and more people who choose to use and buy human hair wigs. However, please remember that human hair wigs are not a consumable item like your stockings. If you can have some way to protect it, take care of it. It can be with you for a long time like some of your durable goods. We buy a human hair wig and invest a certain amount of money. Everyone is not a billionaire. Everyone’s money is hard to come by. Why don’t we choose to protect our wigs and continue to devalue them?

Correct cleaning human hair wig

Proper cleaning of human hair wigs is a skill we must know when purchasing wigs and using wigs. The correct cleaning of human hair wigs can effectively protect wigs from harm, and can make our hair look more perfect and more like the scalp itself grows out hair. If you don’t know how to properly clean the wig you can read the following text carefully.

The cleaning of the human hair wig is not much different from the cleaning of the human hair, because it is made of 100% human hair so please let go of your nervousness and finish it naturally. What you need to do is to smooth your hair with a comb that mixes the hair care products with the cool water. From the tip to the root, patiently combing to avoid bad consequences such as hair loss.

Never try to twist or wring it when you wash your human hair wigs and finally dry your human hair wigs, which will damage its texture.

Choose the right hairstyle

The right hair style is also very important for maintaining the hair style of the human hair wig. Although the human hair can meet any styling requirements, please avoid using mousse or high temperature heating tools, which may burn your hair. Prolonged high temperature treatment can make your hair inactive and difficult to maintain for a long time.

Pay attention to the storage of human hair wigs

Wigs, like other products, want to ensure its long-term use. Paying attention to proper preservation is an indispensable part. Many people use the human hair wig to throw it away when they use it. When they use it again, they are surprised to find it. The wig has become rough and unclean, and sometimes there is a lot of ash on the top. When using the comb to try to straighten it out, it is found that it has been knotted and can hardly be restored. So how do we properly preserve the wigs properly? You should look for a dry and ventilated place. Don’t leave the fake in a cool, humid place, which may shorten its life. Also, avoid storing it next to the radiator, as this will make it dull and lifeless.

It is also necessary to purchase a human hair wig stand with a wig that keeps the wig in a natural state and maintains the fixed shape and style of the wig shape.

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