How to stay cool when wearing a wig in summer

What summer means, pool party, beach barbecue, beer, watermelon, short skirt. Everything else is fascinating except for the hot weather. Hot weather will make us sweat, loss of appetite, no spirit. The most terrifying thing is that we can’t wear a beloved wig. Especially for women who are undergoing chemotherapy and absolutely need to keep cool, it seems impossible to wear a wig in the summer. But without the lace front wigs is a cruel thing for many people, and the wig gives them a beautiful appearance, making them more confident and happier.

wearing a wig in summer

So, if you want to wear a wig in the summer and want to stay cool, what do you do? This blog has shared some of my own experiences with wigs and I hope to be useful to you. I can’t give up my human hair wigs at all, I would rather endure the heat and wearing my wig. Then in the process, I slowly got some experience and skills.

First of all, if you want to keep it cool, you have to make sure that you don’t have too thick hair and that it is breathable. If you still carry your winter wig in the summer, you will definitely be very uncomfortable. Choose a low-density glueless lace wig, such as 130 density full lace wig. Full lace wig uses a lot of lace so it is very breathable, and it is called the most natural human hair wig, you can tie a ponytail, not let the hair stick to the body will feel a lot cooler.

Speaking of ponytail, we talked about our second focus. One way to keep it cool in the summer is to tie your hair up, you can combing your hair from the neck and back to help keep you cool, because it reduces the weight of your neck. Best is a braid or a bun.

style human hair wig

The last step is to wash your wig. In the summer, you are more likely to sweat too much, which means that the oil will clog your scalp and the hair will stick to your wig. In this case, in summer, it is best to wash your wig more. Don’t touch your wig too often. Summer hands are prone to sweating, damp your hair, and then gather more gray layer on your hair, which is not easy to take care of.

If you feel that it is still very hot, you can look for a chance to rinse your wrists, then wipe your neck with a cool water soaked towel, which will help you cool down quickly.

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