How to Store a Wig

Hair style is a very important part of the overall shape. Want to quickly complete your overall shape, wig is a good tool. Wearing a wig is also a great way to quickly change your everyday look. Whether you are using a synthetic wig, a heat-resistant wig or a human hair wig, to ensure that your wig stays in good condition, you need to store it safely in a dry place. Properly storing your wigs will make your wig look fresher and more durable. Next, we will share with you some ways to properly save the wig, I hope this will help you.

Store synthetic hair Wig

Before storing the wig, we need to wash the wig first. When wearing a wig, sweat and dirt can easily accumulate on the wig. Therefore, we should always clean the wig to ensure the soft and natural appearance of the wig. Use the right shampoo product. If your wig is a synthetic wig, be sure to buy shampoos that are synthetic safe. Human hair wig can use a general moisturizing shampoo. After washing the wig, spread the wet fake on the towel and cover it on a flat surface to dry. You want your wig to be completely dry before storage. Any sealed moisture can cause your wig to mold. Do not hang, blow dry, or dispose of wet fakes in direct sunlight as this will stretch the wig cap and damage the wig fibers. 

Small knots or tangles left for long periods of time can damage or even break the wig fibers. Please be sure to use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb. SO you need comb and detangle your dry wig, starting at the ends. If your wig is a curly hair wig, you can gently comb it with your fingers to avoid damage to the wig.

For wigs that are not used for a long time, you can distribute your wigs in a plastic container or bag. First fold your wig in half, then put a hair net on the folded wig to keep the hair style. Finally, the fakes are distributed in a separate plastic storage bin for stacking. If you have a lot of wigs, you can put it in a clean plastic bag. Before you seal the plastic bag, try to flatten the plastic bag and remove the air inside. This will not only make the wig safe, but also save you space.

Place the wig you use most often on a wig stand or mannequin head.But remember to find a place that is dry and ventilated to avoid sun exposure. Because sunlight and heat will darken your wig and cause the hair fibers to break down so that the hair will fall off.

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