How to style long hair

Girls generally like long hair, long hair makes them look more beautiful, more gentle, and is currently the most popular and favorite hair style, but any kind of hair wants to be more beautiful, more attractive Hair design and care, then, if you have a beautiful long hair, how do you design your long hair?


You can decide if you want bangs. The combination of long hair and bangs is undoubtedly very good. It can very well modify your face and make you look more cute and cute. However, the choice of bangs and hair style is not arbitrary. You should choose according to your facial features. If your face is narrow or the mandible is sharp, you can choose QI tassel, which will make your face look. More compact, of course, QI tassel may be a bit dull to some extent. If you look cute, you can choose QI tassel, but if you look different, you can choose a diagonal bang, it It can modify your high cheekbones, and it will also make your style not boring. In addition, you can also choose air bangs, but this kind of bangs is more difficult to manage, if you have enough time you can try. The combination of bangs and long hair selected according to facial features and hairstyles is very personal. Whether you are straight hair wig or curly hair wig, this combination is suitable.

You can also choose your long hair style depend on your wig density. If your hair density is high, such as 180 density wig. you should try to avoid dropping it naturally on your shoulders, which will make your look look bad. You can choose to fix it with a rubber band or twist it, or choose a way you like it. This will make your hair look more suitable and will not look very fluffy.

In addition, you should always keep your hair moist and have a certain amount of water. Long hair is more likely to cause moisture loss than short hair. You should always wash your hair and comb your hair to avoid dry hair.

In addition, you should also style your long hair be based on specific occasions.As an example, in the sports field, athletes have a long hair that is undoubtedly very troublesome and very inconvenient. At this time, you should not hesitate to tie it into a ponytail. If you are a male athlete, you can design it as the most popular hairpin.

You can also design according to the hair of color . Generally speaking, people with more hair color often design their hair into some more novel hair styles instead of simply hanging them down, because these people generally prefer role playing. They choose different colors of hair according to the needs of the character, and then fix the hair design as much as possible.

Long hair has a variety of hairstyles, you can design your hair style according to your own preferences, we look forward to your unique hair style, look forward to your unique beauty.

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