How to tell the best human hair wig

In the wig market, there are two types of wigs that have a relatively large market share and are popular with people, that is, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. However, in general, people tend to choose a human hair wig because it is of higher quality than a synthetic wig and is more natural and comfortable to wear. However, with the development of the wig market, there will inevitably be a batch of low-quality real-life fakes issued in the current market, so how to distinguish the quality of human hair wigs is very important for us.

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We want to buy a real hair wig for a comfortable and convenient price. We can’t allow some low-quality human hair wigs to be mixed in the market, wasting our time and energy. If you don’t know how to distinguish high-quality human hair wigs, please read the following text carefully, it may give you some advice.

In terms of touch

The high-quality human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, and its touch is the same as the touch of your own hair. When you gently touch the hair roots to the tip, you will experience The touch is like this: the general feeling of the hair is supple, but if you feel it, you will feel the texture of the hair, it will have some friction. This is because high-quality human hair wigs are not chemically treated. Especially for virgin human hair wig, it is the highest quality human hair wig, it has the most intact cuticle without any pickling, and the stratum corneum is oriented in the same direction. It is hand-made directly after being taken from people’s heads.

However, the low-quality human hair wig is just a wig that is made by a real person, and its raw materials may be mixed with some animal hair or chemical substances. In order to ensure its touch and uniform texture, it is inevitable to go through Chemical treatment. When you touch this type of hair, you will feel that this type of hair is very smooth, without any friction, you can’t seem to feel its texture, just like silk.

In terms of color

High-quality human hair wigs can be seen under the sun’s rays, showing a healthy, uniform color brightness. In addition, under the sun, you will notice a slight color change in your hair. Under the sun, it is normal for human hair to have a slight color lightening. But for some low-quality human hair, they don’t change color under the sun’s illumination, and their luster will appear uneven because its raw materials are doped with other substances, their The gloss will not be the same.

There is also a simple method, you can directly choose to go to ruiyu hair for the purchase of real human hair, it is a high-quality human hair wig company, long time to go, high product quality, good service attitude, won the praise of many people.

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